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Author:  vmejppgi [ Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  chanel pas cher teal mulberry

Sleep is our body’s natural healer. It lets our body cope with everyday stress, renews energy and revitalises body cells. One important factor that contributes to a healthy and adequate sleep is your bedroom. Your bedroom is your sacred space; it must promote relaxation and peace. Don’t take sleep for granted. It’s vital that your sleeping environment is conducive and relaxing. There are available bedroom designs you can apply for a better night’s rest.
1. Pictures and earthly decors Aside from your personal photographs, you can also decorate your room with pictures about nature or earthly decors. Hang pictures of your favourite animal, plant or trees. Use scented candles and display natural stones and crystals. These will bring a sense of tranquillity. decorators suggest using the essence of nature to achieve a more comfortable sleep.
2. Bed linen and beddings Aside from stylish prints and patterns,chanel pas cher, also consider the material used for your sheets. Bed linen made of pure cotton can let your skin breathe and prevent night sweats. Learn to personalise your beddings according to the season. Choose soft, bright colours for summer to maintain coolness of your skin. Use beddings with darker shades for winter to regulate warmth and good circulation.
3. Colour and Texture Although bright colours are not advisable for bedrooms,mulberry, it doesn’t apply to all. It all depends on the colour that makes you feel more relaxed. Generally, neutral shades are recommended for bedrooms. They provide serenity and calmness. Grey,louis vuitton so you won' christian louboutin outlet, teal,cheap louis vuitton bags uk, sand and stone are some of the most popular. Perth Painting,mulberry outlet, a company that offers painting services,NBA Jerseys Free Shipping Paypal, believes that choosing the right colour can help you achieve a pleasing ambience.
4. Cleanliness Dust mites cause poor air quality. Give your room a spring cleaning once in a while. Avoid piling used clothes and minimise your clutter. Use organisers for drawers and closets to exude a cleaner look. Less clutter makes your bedroom bigger and will give you a peace of mind.
5. Avoid television and gadgets The workplace must be separated from the bedroom. Working inside your bedroom reduces the relaxing effect. If you have a desk in your room, remove it. It will only make you feel that you’re working all the time. Avoid bringing your laptops and PCs inside your bedroom. Instead of watching television, go for a more quiet activity like reading a book.
6. Temperature and curtains Make sure that your bedroom is cool and dark. Curtains can bring a sense of elegance and are useful in keeping out light during the day. It’s best to make your room as dark as possible to promote good sleep,discount chanel bags. Maintain a cool temperature,1324,chanel bags. The optimal temperature for a bedroom is between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit,17872.
7. Mattress There are many types of mattresses to choose from in the market,x. Some stores allow customers to try them before purchasing. Find a mattress that can support your body and allows you to relax. Innerspring mattresses and memory foam provide great support and comfort,Wholesale MLB Jerseys. Remember to clean your mattress to prevent bedbugs.
8. Furniture Bedroom furniture with warm antique colours brings a more relaxing and sophisticated look. decorators recommend setting furniture at right angles and arrangement to increase your bedroom’s appeal and make it look more inviting. According to research,nfl authentic jerseys, seeing the room from your bed makes you feel more relaxed.

Author:  Antoniogirlk [ Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:56 am ]
Post subject:  jordan 4 green glow 2013 buy bred 13s 42926

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